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Chu Gar Gao Southern Praying Mantis

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Chu Gar Gao Southern Praying Mantis

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Chu Gar Mantis Cheng Wan Martial Art Association Hong Kong

Every year for 35 years, in the summer, Cheng Sifu held Chu Gar Mantis celebrations with hundreds of International kungfu teachers, students, laymen, and laywomen in attendance. They were grand traditional kungfu celebrations of the old type.

Each summer celebration began with unicorn and lion dancing, swearing in of new members, kungfu demonstrations of many styles and masters, followed by everyone eating and drinking leisurely over a sumptuous dinner banquet, topped off by singing and dancing together in jubilation. 


Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu


The above photograph shows the last year of promotion before Cheng Sifu retired. 
Below are a few of the prior years.


Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu


Grandmaster Cheng Wan  hosted a first class Chu Gar Mantis Celebration every Year for 35 Years running until his passing in 2009!  And his Teacher, Chu Kwong Hua, before him, as descended from Lao Sui's teaching.

The photographs left show many of the late esteemed disciples of the grand teacher Lao Sui.

One of the prominent is Sun Yu Hing, who was recognized as a distinguished Chu Gar Mantis player of the first order. 


Chu Kwong Hua, leader, was always seated center and Sun next to him, on the left, of course!  In traditional Asian culture, the important or senior position is left of center, not right.  Left is considered the weakest gate and the senior student sits left of
his master's weakest side, in order to protect and defend for him.




Below is an excerpt from Volume 5 of the China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey:

The history of Chu Gar Mantis begins with Wong Leng.   He was the Fukien Shaolin 8th Sishung and responsible for collecting
fire wood.  One day a monkey took his robe and he followed the monkey.  From this he learned "three step".   Wong Leng went down to Guangdong, Wu Hua district, where he met a bean curd seller named, Chu An Nam...

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